Who are we

Gerenios is a private consulting company founded in 2014 by Dr Nestori Syynimaa. We are specialised in helping organisations to modernise their businesses. We believe that Enterprise Architecture is one of the key elements needed to survive in constantly changing world. Another key element is the utilisation of modern information technology solutions, such as cloud services. We provide consultation, training, and publications to help you to run your business.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture, EA for short, helps organisation's stakeholders to achieve their goals. It was originally introduced by John Zachman in 1987 to deal with more and more complexier information systems. Nowadays Enterprise Architecture is not just about information systems. It captures the whole organisation, including its business, information, information systems, and technology.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services is a modern way to implement workloads needed to run the organisation's business. Workloads, such as email, are consumed from the cloud service providers instead of organisation's own datacenter. This helps organisations to focus to their core businesses, as the resources needed to produce the workloads can be focused to activities adding more value.

We are specialised in Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft online solutions.

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